Outdoor is the best value for your advertising budget.


What makes outdoor advertising a great marketing tool and why is it an excellent value?

Based on our comparisons of local advertising pricing, it is an excellent value when compared to other advertising mediums, particularly when looked at price per 1,000 views. While some forms of media charge prices over $40 per 1,000 views and others can reach into the $100s and higher, our price per 1,000 views is consistently dramatically lower. Our billboards rent for a fraction of what other marketing sources would charge with the added bonus of far greater exposure. Publications can charge around the numbers mentioned above, yet most only reach less than 100,000 households per issue. Advertisements delivered to homes can be effective, but only have one chance to stick with a viewer before ending up in the trash and may only reach one set of eyes in the household. Advertisements are also featured right next to other flashy ads where you're competing directly for the attention of the viewer at the same time. Unlike this type of advertising, our billboards feature only one ad at a time, so you're not competing with other advertisements for eyes and attention in the same space. It is all about your business and having your message heard by your market. Furthermore, billboards aren't disposable advertising. While fliers and magazines can be thrown away, your potential clients will continue to drive by a billboard advertisement every day and your ads have the potential to hit every pair of eyes in the vehicle. Our view count for our billboards are based on current Georgia Department of Transportation traffic counts and the national average of passengers per vehicle. If you advertise with us, that gives you the opportunity to get up to just over 3 million views a month. Much better than 100,000. 

Static Billboards.

A static billboard is one that doesn't change; your artwork is printed on a hung flex. It's ad space that you won't share with another client. Unlike the digital, your ad is always up with the chance to be seen by the full traffic count for the length of your lease, however, also unlike the digital, the ability to change out the advertisement isn't as simple or cheap, involving production fees associated with printing flex and rehanging a new flex. Static billboards are great because they allow you to get the most views for your money and the advertisement won't come down until the lease ends. The space is yours alone. 

Digital Billboards.

The pride of our inventory, we introduced our first digital sign on I-85 south at the end of 2014, offering opportunities for us and you to get creative like we never have before. Unlike a static, this is a shared space, however, your ad will not be seen at the same time as another advertiser's, so you won't have to compete for eyes on our digital either. Digitals are usually split into 6 full slots and allow us to rent full, half, and quarter slots with more flexibility on the length of a lease as well. A full slot means your ad is shown on the board once every minute; with a half, it is displayed once every other minute, and a quarter slot gets viewed once every 4th minute. This allows us to offer businesses with multiple budgets the chance to advertise on the new sign at the price point that works for them. Furthermore, because of the nature of digitals, with the ability to automatically upload artwork instantly, not only can we offer a wide range of leasing terms, but the chance to have multiple pieces of artwork on rotation in a client's spot. You can advertise a current special one minute and something else the next minute. Real time data allows for further endless creativity. Did we mention that we're excited?

This is all at a great price to our clients. We can't wait to show you what we can do for you and your brand.

We are proud to announce that our second digital billboard is up and running! The new sign is located on I-85 north of the Collinsworth Rd exit with exposure to northbound traffic. Slots will fill up fast, so contact us learn how digital can improve your marketing strategy! 



More than just a billboard company.


Saben is a small family business that has called metro Atlanta home for more than 50 years. We are proud of the generations of our family that have made Saben Outdoor what it is today. Our clients aren't just numbers and we take pride in the personal service we provide. Unlike the big guys, we are on the ground, ready to quickly fix any problems, ensuring our signs and your advertising look the best. We live in and care about our local community. Helping you succeed and grow is our business and passion. 



Where you can find our boards


With a base in south Atlanta off of I-85, most of our billboards are located close to our home. The majority of our inventory is located on I-85 between the Peachtree City and Collinsworth Road exits on the southbound side of the interstate with faces giving exposure to both directions of traffic. We also have faces located in the area on Hwy 74 (Senoia Rd) at the busy intersection of the Peachtree City exit and faces at the Union City exit on Hwy 138. Other locations include I-20 west of Six Flags, Fulton Industrial Blvd at I-20, and four faces on I-285 at Washington Road. In 2014, we were excited to introduce the addition of our first digital board, located at the Gullatt Road overpass on I-85 between the Peachtree City and Collinsworth Road exits with exposure to southbound traffic. We are proud to announce that our second digital billboard is now up and running on I-85, just north of the Collinsworth Road exit, and faces northbound traffic heading towards Atlanta.