Rental price varies by lease. Contact us for more information.

847,210 views per month

GPS Coordinates: 33.763899, -84.533845

Size of Face: 14' x 24'

DOT Permit #: 3474R

Reference #: 1A

This sign is located on Fulton Industrial Blvd near the I-85 exit and is viewed by northbound traffic. This face has the ability to be used as a split face for rent by two clients, but when both sides are available, it can be leased as a whole face to a single client. Currently, both sides of this split board are available, with the ability to choose either option, which is rare at this location. When shared, this site offers the opportunity for an advertiser to rent a space on one of our boards at a great rate. Contact us today for more information on our leases, any current specials, and to get started.